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These pages exist for the benefit of people from the Breckels and Breckles families. Much of what will eventually be added to this site is likely to be family history, so if your name is Breckels or Breckles, no matter where you are in the world, please get in touch.

Hobbies and interests, personal pages and links to any commercial sites with which family members are connected could all be added here - so please pass on your information to help build this site.

This is run as a hobby, and is now getting very out of date - updates do not happen that frequently, due to lack of time. That also means that offers of assistance will probably be welcome!

Personal pages:


A large amount of genealogical information has been collected, and will be added to this site sometime soon.

The Village of Breckles

A few pictures of the village of Breckles (also called Breccles) in Norfolk, England.

Norfolk History

Extracts from Blomefield's History of Norfolk for several parishes where the family held lands.
These extracts are presented as originally printed in the 18th century and without editorial comment. Some sections may be difficult to understand without access to background information on the English feudal system.
It is only fair to point out that the family history information contained in these extracts is that claimed by certain individuals at the time. It may or may not be good history.

In the press

Where was John Breccles in 1743?

Getting in touch

If your name is Breckels or Breckels or you are related to someone with either of those names, then we would love to hear from you. Follow this link to send us a message.

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